What is an API? – Application Programming Interface

API Infographic

If you’re not in the know about APIs, you might be surprised to hear that you are likely using an API every day without realising it!

In short, an API is an interface that allows two applications to share information with each other.

So, how does an API work?

Here’s an example –

You’ve just headed over to aviowiki’s free access aviation data hub in search for airport information. 

When you enter the name or ICAO of the airport and hit send, a request is sent to the aviowiki API asking the question. 

The API searches and pulls that all important airport data from the database and displays it to you in a customised and easy to read format.

Simple, right?

But that’s not all you can do with an API

An API is flexible. Not only can you retrieve information from a database, you can also replace, add and delete information which is what gives us the ability to accept updates from our users across the world – You should give it a try, its free! 

And, there’s more!

aviowiki’s API and our fully machine-readable data can be used creatively. With countless ways to read, share and distribute our aviation data, the possibilities to improve your business and processes are endless.

You can choose which of our extensive and continually updated datasets you would like to use and we can even create new sets data, for complete personalisation, geared towards your business requirements.

Need to integrate ATC availability into your software? Create a simple interface showing customs information at your 10 favourite airports? or perhaps display an automated alert when an airport is closed?

All of this can be created with the easiest API.

Head over to aviowiki and start powering your business with our API and aviation data today.

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