Future-ready datasets

built for AAM and UAM

Data for autonomous operations


Machine-readable aviation datasets, built from the ground up and delivered with technologies designed to automate flight operations.


Standardised data for autonomous operations

The soft infrastructure for pilotless operations

The only platform for vertiports operators and airborne systems to exchange information. Online and offline.

Live availability of landing and parking space

Local weather information

Booking of ground services

Automated payment infrastructure

Charging stations capabilities and availability

The first iOT approach for the aviation of the future

Open API, and system agnostic

Vertistation providing smart solutions for AAM and UAM


A modular and open ecosystem available for use by any aircraft.

  • Full vertiport services

    All the smart solutions we provide for vertiports management and data exchange, in a simple box.

  • GNSS Augmentation

    Built-in centimetre-level GNSS augmentation system. Compatible with industry standards and all satellite constellations.

  • Pop-up setup

    Lightweight, rugged, and transportable. Create a vertiport anywhere, from backyard to backcountry. Operational in a few minutes.

  • Off-grid

    Not all locations have the luxury of being connected. Use all features on-the-air up to 10Km without dependancy from any connectivity. Optionally add connectivity via the global Iridium satellite constellation.

  • Modular and expandable

    One size doesn't fit all. Easily expand your Vertistation installation with plug-and-play add-ons, such as local weather sensing, FATO occupation detection, ADS-B traffic managment, automated lighting, and a lot more.

  • Flexible power supply

    Flexible and standardised power supply, with options for AC mains (worldwide compatibility), external batteries, and solar.

Vertistation providing smart solutions for AAM and UAM

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