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All of our data is built and served in a way that can be interpreted by other programs. Our aviation and airport data API enables complete automation for faster results.


Leveraging the latest technologies, like Machine Learning and the power of the internet, we create new sets of aviation data for increased productivity.​


Because its all digital, you can build amazing visualisations and services on top of the best aviation and airport data source ever!​


Our modern data structures won't leave you feeling restricted. Tell us your specific use case today and find out how we can build a data-set suited to your business and customer requirements.


Flight Feasibility

Fully supported and automated feasibility checks, bring you value at any stage of the booking process and to any degree of intrusiveness (i.e. hard limits, double checks, information)​.
Aeroplane displaying signal for tracking

Totally uncensored flight tracking

Data collected from land-based and satellite-based ADS-B receivers is the ideal solution for tracking not only your own fleet, but charters and sub charters too!
Airport with alert

Real-time alerts​

Relevant information supplied in real-time allows you to detect and start working on solutions for operational issues immediately!​

Additional search filtering

Get straight to the point with advanced search features for characteristics such as coordinates, runway length and airport.
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Test platform access

Try before you buy with full access to our test environment.

Easy integration

With the easiest API and seamless integration, you won’t waste your time figuring out technical stuff, you can just get the job done.

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Airport opening hours

Aviation weather

Full airport details

Full runway details

Airport Authorities

FBO and provider details

Operational notes

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Data for internal use

Flight tracking

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Display to third party

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