EBACE Connect – The importance of data and why EVERYTHING must be connected

This year a lot of events have moved to an online format. And EBACE (the European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition) was no different. So we all set at our desks and tuned in for some presentations, panels and discussions.

Our CEO, Diego Magrini, had the privilege of being invited to a panel discussion about the importance of data and integration. Since aviowiki is a Data company, that was really up our alley!

Joining the panel were also Tim Ford – President at myairops and moderator, Paul Cremer, Operations Delivery Manager at Gama Aviation, Dr. Shay Har-Noy, General Manager at Spire Aviation, and Christopher Marich, Co-Founder and Global Strategy Director at MySky.

The various specialities that were at the table made it a very interesting conversation. Some current and pressing topics for the Business Aviation industry, and Aviation at large, were discussed, starting from the reliability of the current data supply chain, to the importance of interconnection between systems, and sharing of data.

NOTAMs are not correct. [in some cases] the airport operators are actually calling us to say they’re going home early, because they have no movements. […] They’ve got nothing planned, they’re going home, they’re on a call out basis, but there is no NOTAM that tells you that information.

Paul Cremer, Operations Delivery Manager at Gama Aviation

A lot of the conversation and many questions posed in the Q&A session revolved around the availability of aviation data, and the level of trust that data sources need to reach to inspire the confidence of Operators to rely on them.

For all of us at aviowiki these topics are the heart of our everyday work. But as we speak to more and more customers, prospects, and partners, we understand that data is not an easy beast to digest. So sessions like these, where aviation data can be put in the operational context and linked to various other aspects of operating aircraft, are a great resource to explain the pain and the value, and why Digital is better!

Enough spoiling! Please enjoy our session and feel free to let us know any comment on LinkedInTwitter, or by email!

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